When Did Men Start Using Tie Bars?

Also known as the tie clip or tie slide, the tie bar is a uniquely male fashion accessory. It fastens the tie to the shirt underneath. In so doing, it ensures that the tie hangs perfectly straight at all times and does not get in the way when the wearer leans over a table or […]

Why We’re So Fascinated With Aquamarines!

In simplest terms, an aquamarine is really a beryl. These minerals are made up of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate and have the potential of containing a number of impurities. While pure beryl does not have any coloration, iron impurities lead to a blue or greenish-blue tint. When this hue is present, the beryl is considered an […]

How Much Do You Know About Topaz Jewelry?

Orange and blue hues are common for the topaz gem you find in a jewelry box. Since the gemstone is a silicate mineral that features a variety of impurities leading to color variations, it is not unusual to find pale greens and red tones as well. The purest gems are virtually without color. Talk to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Cuts

When a diamond comes from the mine, it is a misshapen piece of rock that may not look very imposing. It takes on its shape and brilliance only after diamond cutters have plied their trade. When combined with carat weight, clarity and color, the cut is a major determining factor of a diamond’s retail value. […]

Guide to Buying Vintage Sapphires

Since sapphires may contain trace elements of titanium, copper or iron, these gems are unique in the range of colors they display. It is perfectly acceptable for a gorgeous sapphire to have a deep blue, bright orange or full green coloration. Vintage sapphires are usually sold in settings. Unless the gem is of a rare […]

Guide to Buying Vintage Diamonds

The idea of owning vintage diamonds is very attractive to many jewelry collectors and lovers of unique wearable art. There is just something special about owning a stone that has held a personal importance to someone else. While vintage diamonds maintain their charm and good looks over decades and centuries – after all, you cannot […]

What to Look for When Buying an Antique Cameo

The cameo has been around since the Caesars ruled the Roman Empire. While the term “cameo” actually refers to the process of creating a raised relief image on an item of wearable or display art, modern usage of the term usually refers to a brooch worn near the neckline. Jewelry collectors – and those who […]