Roberto Coin Jewelry: So Italiano!

Founded in Vicenza, Italy, in 1977, the Roberto Coin Company initially served the needs of internationally renowned fine jewelry brands. Situated near Venice and Milan, Vicenza is famous for its Renaissance culture and textile industry. Add to this the predominantly agricultural economic base of the region, and it makes sense that these surroundings have greatly […]

When Jewelry Design Becomes a Second Career

The vast majority of famous jewelry houses were founded by the men and women who grew up in the trade. Other well-known names came about when the adult children of famous artisans married and set up shop themselves. A third group of artisans does not have a long history in the jewelry trade. They may […]

How Did the Tennis Bracelet Get Its Name?

Bracelets of varying types have been traced back to prehistoric time. A popular type that has been in fashion since the beginning of the 20th century is the in-line bracelet. Made up of uniform settings placed on small links, this type of bracelet has been the choice for artisans creating pieces featuring symmetrically perfect diamonds […]

Dilamani Jewelry: Gems That Standout in a Crowd!

While most jewelry houses have a long history that frequently dates back to the end of the 19th century, there is a new crop of artisans that represent the finest the 20th century has to offer. Case in point is Dilamani, which was started in 1980. Brothers George and William Dilamani were gemstone wholesalers in […]

Scott Kay Jewelry: Vehicles of Self-Expression

Scott Kay is a well-respected name in the bridal industry. His collections have been the staple of upscale and also affordable bridal sets for the past 25 years. The artisan credits his innate curiosity to create the – as of yet – not created with an eye on past cultures and their artistic contributions to […]

FRED: Designer Jewelry from France

Jewelry designer Fred Samuel founded FRED in 1936 at the age of 28. He chose 6 Rue Royale as the address for his first Parisian store. Samuel had a history in the trade. His father, too, was a jeweler. Samuel grew up with the business ethics that would underscore his trademarks of boldness and discipline […]

Stamford, CT, Actor Proposes on Stage!

Is there anything more beautiful than a well done marriage proposal? Kevin Thompson, a Stamford actor who played Cassio in Shakespeare on the Green’s performance of “Othello,” certainly ensured that the audience and his bride-to-be were treated to a perfectly executed proposal. She, Julia Maggiola, had just finished playing her part as Desdemona and never […]