Michael Dawkins Jewelry Full of Metals and Gems

Most any designer jewelry buyer is familiar with the name Michael Dawkins. This artisan has tireless worked on creating his brand over a span of almost two decades. At a young age, Dawkins chose to pursue industrial design as well as architecture. During his tenure in this setting, he learned to combine the stylistic applications […]

Krementz Jewelry: Family Designs Since the 1860s

Richard Krementz, Jr., died in November 2012. The octogenarian left Rick Krementz in charge. Ready to take over as CEO, the heir is uncertain what will happen to the renowned jewelry house. The Krementz name is one to be reckoned with in the jewelry business. The original founder was George Krementz, who set up shop […]

Natalie K Jewelry Full of Bridal and Colored Diamonds!

Natalie K is a well-known umbrella brand name for a vast number of jewelry collections. Each piece showcases a high level of detail-work and intricate artistry. The bridal industry recognizes Natalie K as a powerhouse of well-loved pieces for engaged and married couples. It is interesting to note that the diamond division did not come […]

G.B. Heron & Co. Jewelry: A Gallery of Goldsmiths

At the heart of G.B. Heron & Company is Jeff Cassels. He entered the jewelry business as a wholesale craftsman for a wide variety of Maryland jewelers. His clients were pleased with the pieces he created and expertly fashioned. Not surprisingly, this artisan yearned for the opportunity to market his pieces under the name of […]

Doris Panos Jewelry: A Family History of Jewelry Makers

Doris Panos traces her roots to a family of jewelry makers. While her father may have moved outside of the family business, she stepped right back into the fold after earning her degree in business and marketing. Going through the apprenticeship process, Panos did not take any shortcuts. She painstakingly mastered the engineering and manufacturing […]

Martin Flyer Jewelry: 7 Decades of Bridal Jewelry

Within the bridal industry, Martin Flyer jewelry is a famous contender. This jewelry power house focuses its attention exclusively on serving brides and already married clients with a need for anniversary gifts or remounts. The brand traces its beginning to a time almost seven decades ago. The designs of the jewels made a splash on […]

Roberto Coin Jewelry: So Italiano!

Founded in Vicenza, Italy, in 1977, the Roberto Coin Company initially served the needs of internationally renowned fine jewelry brands. Situated near Venice and Milan, Vicenza is famous for its Renaissance culture and textile industry. Add to this the predominantly agricultural economic base of the region, and it makes sense that these surroundings have greatly […]