About the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

If you find yourself in Athens, Greece, you know that visiting the Acropolis is a must. On the southern portion of this historic monument you find the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum. Situated on the corner of Karyatidon and Kallisperi Streets, the unassuming building houses a collection of more than 4,000 jewels and diminutive sculptures. Of […]

All About White Horse Jewelry

The White Horse jewelry line is famous for its equestrian theme and contemporary feel. Designed by Richard and Roz Roney-Dougal, the couple learned the jewelry making trade from the ground up in London. They have worked in Amsterdam and Australia as model makers, designers and diamond setters. When they finally arrived in the United States, […]

Byard F. Brogan Jewelry & His Patented Designs

The history of the Byard F. Brogan jewelry business starts in 1908. Byard Brogan and Walter Rodenbough founded the new business in Philadelphia. Both had a strong background in the engraving side of the jewelry trade. When World War I came to a close, Brogan bought out his business partner and began to run the […]

The Garnet Gem: A Rainbow of Hues

Although jewelry wearers primarily associate a deep red color with the garnet, this silicate gem actually comes in a rainbow of hues. It is said that blue garnets do not exist, but there have recently been gem finds that feature a high quantity of vanadium, which causes a blue green coloration. Granted, this is not […]

Why Is Pink Gold So Intriguing?

If you are an experienced jewelry wearer, you already know that pure gold is yellow in color. Pink gold, which is also colloquially referred to as rose or red gold, is an alloy of gold and copper. Of course, there are some subtle differences there, too. Depending on the amount of copper in the mix, […]

When Did Men Start Using Tie Bars?

Also known as the tie clip or tie slide, the tie bar is a uniquely male fashion accessory. It fastens the tie to the shirt underneath. In so doing, it ensures that the tie hangs perfectly straight at all times and does not get in the way when the wearer leans over a table or […]

What Is the Difference Between Platinum and White Gold?

The gray-white coloration of the element platinum is a common sight in jewelry stores. Since it is considered quite rare, it demands high prices from jewelry aficionados who prize it as a setting for precious stones. The lion’s share of the world’s platinum comes from South Africa. Historians note that platinum was used by American […]